Connecting Doctors & Patients

We are helping Ohio Health change the way they communicate by using mobile to engage patients prior to events like the birth of a baby, or surgery – changing how they can communicate.

 Parade of Homes

Bring the Parade Home

The BIA of Central Ohio engages their customers and and unlocks valuable info on everything in the Parade of Homes via our app.

Metropolitan O Spot

College Student Priorities

We created solutions to help college students access location based info, engage in mobile ordering, and become mobile active mobile consumers.

What we Do? City of Columbus

The Official App

The City of Columbus wanted a solution to connect its citizens to services, access neighborhood information, and find resources with new, mobile tools.

Bring Us a Challenge

Plain and simple, we build apps. The eProximiti team was born for this stuff. We are experienced in every phase of the enterprise solution process that will get your app from napkin to live on the App Stores like it was meant to be.

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